25mm Thick Acrylic Plate

100% Bonding No Bubble,the connector/gap non yellowing Outdoor use non-yellowing Maximum 300mm can be one time cast without laminated
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25mm Thick Acrylic Plate



Thickness: 20 – 300 mm
Length: 11500 mm max
Width: 3700 mm max

Max Size before bonding

H 3000 mm x L 11500 mm x T 220 mm
H 3700 mm x L 8000mm x T 300 mm


Lucite raw MMA 100% purity
Anti-UV, 10 years against yellowing
One-Time cast production

Two times cast production 

Size (with edge)
Size (without edge)
Clear and color sheet 25-300mm
1300*2500mm        1600*2600mm 
2150*3150mm        2100*4100mm
5150*2150mm        8160*2600mm

1240*2440mm     1500*2500mm 
2000*3000mm     2000*4000mm
5000*2000mm     8000*2500mm

25mm acrylic sheet (10)

thick acrylic sheet (3)

thick acrylic sheet (14)

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