Acrylic Block With Polished Glossy Edges

100% Bonding No Bubble,the connector/gap non yellowing Outdoor use non-yellowing Maximum 300mm can be one time cast without laminated
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Product Details


1.Color is transparent (clear) and high brightness.
2.Strong plasticity can be easily shaped and processed.
3.High resistance of pressure and strong shock resistance
4.Easy to maintain and clean, It can be scrubbed with soap and soft cloth.
5.UV resistance
6. Warranty: 10 years


Size (with edge)
Size (without edge)
Clear and color sheet 25-300mm
1300*2500mm        1600*2600mm 
2150*3150mm        2100*4100mm
5150*2150mm        8160*2600mm

1240*2440mm     1500*2500mm 
2000*3000mm     2000*4000mm
5000*2000mm     8000*2500mm

25mm acrylic sheet (10)

thick acrylic sheet (3)

thick acrylic sheet (14)