Acrylic Sheet Production Line

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Acrilic sheet production line


Acrilic sheet production line

Good tolerance: not afraid of moisture, not afraid of water, not moldy, not bacteria, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, not because of a long time in the sun and rain, and produce yellowing and hydrolysis.

Strong plasticity: its shape changes greatly, the application scope is wide, easy to process and shape, the installation is flexible, can cooperate with a variety of different materials and functions of the spare parts to assemble.

Long service life: compared with other material products, the service life is longer than three years, saving the trouble of frequent replacement.


Acrilic sheet production line

Acrylic has the name "acrylic" (acrylic plastic) and the chemical name polymethyl methacrylate.Acrylic can also be called PMMA or plexiglass, is a kind of early development of thermoplastic plastic, has been born more than a hundred years of history, so far acrylic is still the most excellent synthetic transparent materials.