Clear PlexiGlass Sheet

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Clear PlexiGlass Sheet

CAST Acrylic Sheets -are offered in Clear, Black, White, Grey, Bronze, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green and more. Acrylic applications include: picture frames, store displays, furniture, shelving, windows, barriers, shields, replacement glass and aquariums. Clear Acrylic is optically transparent, unaffected by moisture, and offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, and can be easily heat-formed without loss of optical clarity. Prolonged exposure to moisture, or even total immersion in water, does not significantly effect its' mechanical or optical properties.





Features of Cast Acrylic Sheets:
Plexiglass Cast Acrylic Sheets are 17 times stronger than glass !!
Economical transparent material that is easily machined & thermoformed
Translucent = Light & Shadows can be seen through Sheet.
Transparent = Images can be viewed through sheet (like tinted glass)
Opaque = Neither light nor images can be seen through the sheet.

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