Factory 4*8feet Acrilic Sheet

New material No smell No color changing
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Factory 4*8feet Acrilic Sheet

一、High pervious to light

The production technology of acrylic ensures its transparency and pure whiteness, with a light transmittance of up to 92%. The light is soft and clear, which is higher than that of glass.


Factory 4*8feet Acrilic Sheet

High hardness

The relative molecular weight of acrylic is about 2 million is a long chain of polymer compounds, forming a molecular chain of soft, so the strength of acrylic is very high.


Factory 4*8feet Acrilic Sheet

Easy processing

Acrylic strong plasticity, both can use hot forming can also use mechanical processing, easy to process and shape.Lathe cutting, drilling, blow molding and other plastic molding methods can be easily processed into acrylic products of different sizes, different functions.