12mm Perspex PMMA 4x8 Acrylic

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12mm Perspex PMMA 4x8 Acrylic


Acrylic sheets feature a glossy finish that offers many benefits over glass. Acrylic / Plexiglass / Lucite is knowns for its sturdiness, durability, weather resistance, and beautiful gloss finish. It is much easier to work with than other translucent materials while also stronger and lighter. Great for thousands of different DIY projects, industrial applications, and commercial projects such as lighting, signage, aquariums, glass replacement, furniture, displays, frames, and more.

Size (with edge)
Size (without edge)
Clear and color sheet 1.8mm-30mm
1240*2460mm        1500*2100mm 
1250*1850mm        1600*2600mm
1220*1820mm        1850*2450mm
1220*2420mm        2050*3050mm
Frosted sheet(single and double sides) 1.8-20mm
Pattern sheet( marble, glitter) 2.5-12mm
Mirror acrylic sheet( silver, gold, different colors) 1-6mm


Enjoy Countless Possibilities

You can use this acrylic plexiglass sheet is many ways. Bend it, cut it, form it according to your needs and use it to make anything from video screens and picture frames, to museum cases and countertops.

Moreover, you can pick among a wide variety of sizes and packs and choose the clear or black sheets according to your needs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You will receive your plexiglass sheet in a protective film that prevents scratches and damage while shipping. In case you are not 100% happy with your purchase, contact us and we will gladly help you solve any problem.

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100% virgin Mitsubishi raw material
acrylic sheet with casting process
Advanced German automatic production line
Imported British Pilkington glass mould
Precise quality inspection apparatus
Advertising, printing, signage, engraving, furniture, bathroom etc
CE/SGS certificates
PE film plastic and kraft paper masking
1 tons or one pallet
3-20 days according to your order quantity
Payment terms
 T/T, LC, Alibaba trade assurance
Free samples, can be ready within 2 days.
Acrylic sheet, with its moldable material, lightweight nature, and high impact resistance, combined with superior optical clarity, is used in a wide range of applications. Anywhere that a see through surface that is both strong and attractive is needed, acrylic sheet is the solution.
Quality Control
We use virgin MMA from Lucite and Mitsubishi to make sure the high transparency, British Pilkington glass mould for flatness, precise quality inspection apparatus to keep the sheet with high quality.

Production process

Our Cast Acrylic sheet has adopted advanced German automatic production lines, imported British Pilkington glass mould, and precise quality inspection apparatus with virgin material MMA from Lucite and Mitsubishi. and fully accord with standard of ISO9001-2008 quality management system.

Packaging and Shipping

Plastic film and Kraft paper for the acrylic sheet surface protection, the edge gasket cut or not according to customer requirement. 1500kg sheet put on each exporting pallet.