4x8 Plastic Acrylic Sheet

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4x8 Plastic Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic is produced in two basic versions, cast and extruded. Cast acrylic is produced by mixing the acrylic liquid ingredients in molds. For acrylic plates between two glass plates. A chemical process in the mold create a homogeneous material with equivalent properties in all directions. In contrast, extruded acrylic is produced by continuously pushing acrylic mass though a form, while the chemical process takes place. Extruded acrylic is therefore heterogeneous, with properties which vary depending on the direction.

acrylic sheet  (7)

acrylic sheet  (3)

Cast sheet has the following benefits over extruded sheet:
- less low angle distortion
- low minimum run/order quantities
- thousands of standard and custom colors available
- greater range of available thicknesses (available in thicknesses greater than 1.00")
- slightly better chemical resistance
- less tendency to melt or chip during machining
- slightly higher service temperature
- more suitable for use involving continuous contact with water
- better capability to handle long-term mechanical loads

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