Acrylic Sheet LED Light Guide Plate

high transparency
new material
eco friendly
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Acrylic Sheet LED Light Guide Plate 

Spring Sign Factory Quality and Brand Guaranteed

1. Any color any size we can make
2. 100% Virgin Lucite Material
3. 10 years good quality of no fade colour, no yellowing for outdoor.


Notices for the usage of acrylic sheet :
1. acrylic board begins softening upon 101°C ,so it cannot be used where the temperature is above 80°C .
2. The surface rigidity of acrylic board equals to aluminum alloy .It should be protected when in operation or processing .Once the surface is scraped , polishing wax could be used to restore the original bright surface .
3.Acrylic board is easy to contain dust with static electricity .When cleaning ,a soften cotton cloth with 1% suds can easily remove the dust to achieve cleanness .
4.Acrylic board has large temperature dilation coefficient .Its size change by temperature is 9 times as that of metal .Acertatin space size shall be reserved when installing or fixing the acrylic board for the variation of temperature