Cast pmma acrylic sheet

no color changing for 5-6 years
100% virgin material
strict thickness tolerance
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Cast PMMA PLASTICS Sheet With High Glossy


1.Transparent acrylic sheet has light transmittance comparable to glass, but only half the density of glass.In addition, it is not as fragile as glass, and even if broken, it does not form sharp fragments like glass.

2. The abrasion resistance of acrylic plate is close to that of aluminum, with good stability and resistance to a variety of chemical corrosion.

3. Acrylic panels have good printability and spray-ability. The use of appropriate printing and spraying technology can give acrylic products an ideal surface decoration effect.

4. Fire resistance: non-spontaneous combustion but inflammable, without self-extinguishing.

Cast PMMA PLASTICS Sheet With High Glossy


High transparency, good light transmittance: up to 92% light transmittance, with a crystal-like texture, only need a small intensity of light, can achieve the desired lighting effect.

Color is rich, brightness is tall: rich and gorgeous color, can satisfy the individual character pursuit of different savour, and have the brightness that other material cannot compare.

Easy to maintain, easy to clean: if it is rain it can clean, or with soap and soft cloth scrub can be cleaned.

Cast PMMA PLASTICS Sheet With High Glossy

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