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China Supplier 2mm Cast PMMA Black and White High Gloss Acrylic sheet

Acrylic sheet offers superb optical clarity and optimum performance that cannot be matched at any price. Cast from premium materials, these cell cast acrylic sheets allow precision manufacturing applications to meet a wide range of specifications. Whether it's cutting, drilling, routing, cementing, polishing or thermoforming, Acrylic is a tough product to rival. The advanced technology also assures superior resistance to weathering and crazing.

  • LIGHT IN WEIGHT Acrylic (specific gravity 1.19) is less than half the weight when compared to inorganic glass.

  • CHEMICAL RESISTANT Acrylic is resistant to inorganic chemicals and normal chained hydrocarbons. However, contact with organic solvents may cause swelling, crazing, or cracking.

  • IMPACT RESISTANT Acrylic is approximately 8 to 10 times more resistant to impact than ordinary plate glass.

  • EASY FABRICATION Acrylic can be saw cut, drilled, routed, machined, solvent cemented, polished and strip bent using conventional acrylic sheet fabrication techniques.

  • THERMO FORMABLE An excellent thermoplastic, acrylic may be thermoformed. Because it is a cell cast sheet, it is not subject to the excessive shrinkage that is encountered in extruded or continuously manufactured sheets.

100% virgin Mitsubishi raw material
acrylic sheet with casting process
Advanced German automatic production line
Imported British Pilkington glass mould
Precise quality inspection apparatus
Advertising, printing, signage, engraving, furniture, bathroom etc
CE/SGS certificates
PE film plastic and kraft paper masking
1 tons or one pallet
3-20 days according to your order quantity
Payment terms
 T/T, LC, Alibaba trade assurance
Free samples, can be ready within 2 days.

Acrylic sheet, with its moldable material, lightweight nature, and high impact resistance, combined with superior optical clarity, is used in a wide range of applications. Anywhere that a see through surface that is both strong and attractive is needed, acrylic sheet is the solution.