5mm Colorful Acrylic Sheet

color acrylic sheet
can be used outdoor for 6 years
we have more than 50 colors for choosing
Custom colors can be made
Low MOQ for each color
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5mm Colorful Acrylic Sheet


Acrylic has good light transmission performance, no black spots, no pores, no noise, high surface gloss, no dark areas of plastic parts, small shrinkage at high temperature, no shrinkage during molding, only in the oven. Light diffusing PC is made by adding a light diffusing agent to the PC resin. Light is similar to specular reflection on the surface of the light diffusing agent. After multiple reflections, the light diffusing effect is achieved. Diffusion PC has a diffusivity of 99%, a uniform dispersion without crystal points, a light transmittance of 86-93%, and a brightness more than twice that of traditional lampshades. Commonly used in LED tunnel lights, LED street lights, LED ceiling lights, LED bulb lights, etc.

Application of the Acrylic Sheet




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