Transparent Acrylic Sheet

Optically more pure and stronger than glass
In various colours and thicknesses
Easy to fabricate
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Transparent Acrylic Sheet


Acrylic is a special and beautiful material and we want to show our beautiful collection of transparent acrylic sheets  to you and the world! Acrylics are known for their simplicity as clear acrylic sheets that are optically pure. The beauty in this material is the transparency and this is always visible in the applications. The material is beautiful in combination with light, because it catches the light, guides the light and is also playing with light. Light brings acrylic to life and that is why we love it! In addition to the aesthetic perception of acrylic, it also has good material properties which makes it suitable for a lot of different applications. Acrylic is optically pure, UV-resistant, easy to fabricate and is extremely durable with a long colour fastness and lifespan.



Clear acrylic is often used as front windows, temporary glazing and interior glazing, showcases, shield sheets, furniture, wall presentations or as decorative sheet material. Please take a look at our Acrylic Community for some examples.


Acrylic is very easy to fabricate. Fabrication possibilities: cutting, milling, laser-cutting, oven bending, bonding, drilling, faceting, polishing, sanding and printing.  Here you can find tips and tricks about the fabrication possibilities of acrylic.

These fabrications can be performed by PyraSied if desired. We deliver from our excellently equipped workshop – where high-tech machinery and traditional craftsmanship ensure optimum results, completely tailored to your drawing or design.



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