Acrylic Sheets / Boards

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Acrylic Sheets / Boards

Acrylic sheet is the best known and most widely used plastic. 
The reasons why are simple.
  • Optical Clarity - 92% light transmission makes it clearer than glass.
  • Colorfast - Does not yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • Impact Resistance - 10 times more shatter resistant than glass. 
                                     Also available in bullet resistant grade.
  • Light Weight - Less than half the weight of glass.
  • Easy to Work with - It can be cut, drilled, polished, solvent cemented,                                                          thermoformed, painted, silk screened, laminated,  the possibilities are endless.


Virgin material sheet

Recycled material sheet

Excellent UV resistance, at least 5 years not fade from yellowing.

Poor in anti UV, become yellowish easily, as well as fade and crack

Transparency more than 92%

Transparency less than 80%

Clear at section and keep original after fabrication

It turns yellowish at the section. Although the recycled acrylic with whitener it still becomes yellowish after a short term.

No bad smell

It becomes yellowish quickly after processing, comes out heavy smell and easy to crack

Good weather resistance

Bad weather resistance

Well protected by high quality packing or  masking paper

Packaging and protective film or paper grade is poor 

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