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Color Acrylic Sheets

Also known as plexiglass, lucite, or perspex, acrylic is a popular and versatile thermoplastic for many applications. It is a common substitute for glass as it is crystal clear, lighter, more shatter resistant and easy to work with. Available in a number of colors, patterns and finishes, it is suitable for many creative projects. We carry over 80 varieties of acrylic sheets in a range of thicknesses and sizes to suit your needs.

acrylic sheet  (16)

Surface FinishGlossy
Thickness Tolerance+/- 10%
Acrylic TypeCast
Masking                     paper or PE files

acrylic sheet  (6)

These solid colored acrylic sheets will block most light from passing through. Objects can't be seen through them, but the sheet will glow slightly when backlit, depending on the color and thickness. Great for signs and many other creative projects. Like all acrylics, this sheet can be easily cut, formed and fabricated.
Choose from full sheet sizes or specially priced pre-cut sizes. Cut-to-size sheets are also available at an extra cost. Looking for a custom quote? Contact us via our order form here.

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