Silver Mirror Pmma Sheet

Bright mirror surface
Flatness big sheet
eco-friendly mirror backing
Hard and anti scratch surface
100% virgin PMMA material
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Product Details

Silver Mirror Pmma Sheet

Different colors for choosing:



Main Size

1220 mm x 2440 mm,  1220 mm x 1830 mm,  1020 mm x 2020 mm,  2050 mm x 3050 mm ........


1 mm,  1.5 mm,  1.8 mm,  2 mm,  2.5 mm,  3 mm,  4 mm,  5 mm,  6 mm .......... 


Silver, Gold, Black, Blue, Red, Coffee, Purple, the most popular is silver and gold mirror


One way mirror, two way mirror, adhesive backing mirror

About us:


Jinan Spring Sign Plastics Co.,Ltd was founded in 2006 which located in the Spring City Jinan, China. We are leading manufacturer and trading combo for mirror Acrylic Sheet. Our company has adopted advanced German automatic production lines, and precise quality inspection apparatus with virgin material MMA from Lucite and Mitsubishi. Now our popular mirror acrylic sheet are  One way mirror, two way mirror, adhesive backing mirror with different colors.


Mirror Acrylic sheet Application: 

1.Plastic displays

2.Plastic signs

3.Plastic letters

4.Decorative profiles

5.Locker mirrors

6.Shower mirrors

7.Dental utensils

8.Home decoration, Wall decoration, Gift  


Physical Property of Mirror Acrylic Sheet:



ASTM Typical Value 3 Method mm (Thickness)

Mechanical Property

Specific Gravity

D792 1.19

Tensile Strength

D638 700 kg/cm2

Flexural Strength

D790 1170 kg/cm2

Modulus of Elasticity

28000-35000 kg/cm2

Compressive Strength

D695 1200 kg/cm2

Rockwell Hardness

D785 M-100

Optical Property

Refractive Index

D542 1.49

Light Transmission,Total

D1003 93%

Thermal Property

Forming Temperature

Approx 150-180℃

Deflection Temperature

D648 95℃

Vicat Softening Point

D1525 120℃ (223℉)

Coefficient of Linear
     Thermal Expansion (-18℃ To 38℃ Ave)

D696 5×10-5 cm/cm/℃

Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity

Cenco-Fitch 6×10-5 cm/cm/℃

Selflgnition Temperature

D1929 443℃

Specific Heat

0.35 (BTU/1b℉)

Electrical Property

Volume Resistivity

D257 1016ohm-cm

Surface Resistivity

D257 1015ohm-cm

Water Absorption

D570 0.3



1. Weather resisting: Strong surface hardness and good weather resisting property.

2. Transparency: Perfect transparency and the light transmittance with 93%. 

3. Electrical insulation : Excellent electrical insulation, very light in weight

4. Plasticity: High plasticity, processing and shaping easier

Package of mirror acrylic sheet: 


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