Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Lightweight and stronger alternative to glass
Excellent resistance to UV damage
Easy to machine, fabricate, and glue
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Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Acrylic mirror sheets can be used as an alternative to traditional glass mirrors for many applications. Also known as clear mirror, these sheets can be easily cut, formed and fabricated like other acrylics. When laser cutting, we recommend reversing your artwork and cutting with the backing side up (mirrored side face down) for best results. For the best reflection quality, we recommend choosing a thicker sheet.

acrylic mirror sheet  (1)

Surface FinishGlossy
Special EffectMirror
Light Transmission0%
Thickness Tolerance+/- 10%
Acrylic TypeExtruded

acrylic mirror sheet  (30)

gold mirror

Acrylics have outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering. Acrylic has excellent optical properties and is more resistant to impact than glass. In addition, acrylic has low water absorption, good electrical resistivity, and fair tensile strength. Applications are infinite, including art installations, outdoor signs, glazing, aircraft canopies, skylights, automotive taillights, dials, buttons, lighting applications, knobs, and machine covers.

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