Advantages of polycarbonate sheets

- May 24, 2019-

  Polycarbonate board for testing PC sheet is a comprehensive engineering plastic with good physical, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. The pc board generally includes PC hollow sun board and PC solid endurance board, PC lighting tile, PC lock plate and the like.

  1. Anti-UV insulation: shortens the time required to adjust the indoor stability to a comfortable temperature. (In the hot summer, anti-infrared insulation can allow most of the visible light in the sun to penetrate into the room, while blocking the infrared rays in the sun, can ensure sufficient light while maintaining a lower room temperature, saving temperature control energy; in the cold winter Anti-infrared heat insulation can reduce infrared radiation in the room, reduce heat loss in the room, keep the interior of the greenhouse or building warm, and reduce heating energy consumption.

  2, light weight: the weight is only half of the glass, can greatly reduce the transportation cost can not

  3, strong impact resistance: impact resistance is 200 times the same thickness of ordinary glass, 30 times that of plexiglass

  4, strong weather resistance: double-sided anti-UV co-extruded layer, can prevent the aging of the sheet caused by ultraviolet light, adapt to a variety of bad weather conditions, to ensure a 10-year warranty.

  5, good sound insulation: can effectively reduce noise, widely used in the field of sound barriers

  6, multi-purpose, easy to install, easy to process: light weight, easy to handle, drilling. When installed, not easy to break, can be cold-bent, can also be hot forming

  7, fire retardant: in accordance with the national standard GB8624 test is a flame retardant B grade, no dripping, no toxic gases