Advantages of polystyrene board

- May 28, 2019-

  The polystyrene board has a very high compressive strength, and even if the blisters remain unchanged for a long time, it has a large bearing capacity and good impact resistance. Third, superior water and moisture resistance, polystyrene board has a tight closed-cell structure, the polystyrene molecular structure itself does not absorb water, and there is no gap between the front and back of the sheet, so the water absorption rate is extremely low, moisture resistance and penetration resistance are extremely high. good.

  Polystyrene board is mainly made of polystyrene, and polystyrene is originally an excellent low thermal conductivity material, which is supplemented by extrusion to form a tight honeycomb structure, which effectively prevents heat conduction, polyphenylene. The plate has a thermal conductivity of 0.028/mk and has high thermal resistance and low linear expansion ratio. The thermal conductivity is much lower than other insulation materials. At the same time, the material of the board is light, cheap and has a stable chemical structure and physical structure, which can ensure the durability and stability of the material's thermal insulation performance. Therefore, it is one of the most excellent thermal insulation materials in the world.

  1. The polystyrene board has a small density coefficient and good impact resistance. It has sufficient capacity to buffer the external impact force by changing and recovering the shape;

  2, with an independent bubble structure, a small area of damage will not affect the entire wall;

  3. The surface has low water absorption rate and good anti-penetration performance, which can effectively avoid the wall surface problems such as mold and falling off after the wall surface is wet;

  4. Not affected by temperature. At high temperatures, the polystyrene plate will not melt and flow due to excessive temperature, and will not be brittle when the temperature is too low at low temperatures;

  5, polystyrene foam is a recyclable material, can be recycled, the degree of recycling is the highest in plastic;

  6. Freon is not used in the production process;

  7. The energy consumption of the whole life cycle is the lowest among plastic products.