Corrugated board can bring good fire and water resistance

- May 15, 2019-

  When choosing a variety of different building materials, we will definitely notice that there is a special shape, and the materials that will be used in various buildings, that is, corrugated board, construction engineering using this material. It is very much now, because it is used in large and small, civil or industrial buildings. It has very good fireproof performance and can effectively strengthen the fire rating of the building itself. Users are all helping with better residential safety.

  The corrugated board can not only be fireproof, but also waterproof, because the sheet is made of metal and is made into a wavy state by rolling the metal, so the whole is integrally formed and dense. It is airtight, so it can bring a very good protective function, which can easily bring you better waterproof effect, even in rainy days, it can bring good protective effect to the building. Safety and environmental quality have been effectively improved, and we can truly bring more happiness to everyone.

  Such a corrugated board not only has a good effect, but it is also a very durable product, so it can be used after installation for many years without replacement, and can also achieve the same life-span effect in the building. So, in the various buildings, this kind of board is very popular, and everyone is happy to use such a material that is both practical and has a good service life, which can bring better. Building function.