Method for identifying the quality of pvc foam board

- May 07, 2019-

  Pvc foam board cabinet plate has the characteristics of waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistant, anti-mite, light weight, heat preservation, sound insulation and shock absorption. It is processed in the same way as wood, and its processing performance is far superior to wood. It is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum and composite sheets. The surface of the crust board is very smooth, high in hardness, and is not easy to be scratched, and is often used for making cabinets, furniture, and the like.

  The door panels are generally solid wood, solid wood frame, solid wood composite. The solid wood on the market, mostly the door frame is solid wood, the door core board is attached to the veneer. Generally, small workshops can't reach the technology of solid wood panels and solid wood. In addition, the cabinets are also divided into many parts, generally granular boards and multi-layer moisture-proof boards. The effect of these two is that the color of the box and the door panel are very close.

  In addition, it is “multi-layer solid wood veneer to make paint”. The effect achieved is that the color of the door panel and the cabinet are the same. The price is much worse. In addition to particle board, multi-layer solid wood board, the current market is good pvc foam board. Many aspects are even better than solid wood. For example, its moisture-proof performance, as well as its characteristics are not easily deformed.

  Just press the nail on the PVC board with your thumb and then check carefully if there are deep dents. If there is, it is obviously fake, so good. Celuka, also known as controlled foaming, is currently widely used and invented by the French company Gine Kulmann, which is one of the first patented extrusion foam molding methods.

  The pvc foam board is made of the Seluka process, forming a dense and hard crust layer on both sides of the board, which can improve the hardness and nail holding power of the board. For the manufacture of furniture or house decoration, these physical properties Very important. To identify whether a PVC board has (true) skinning, it is actually very simple!