Pvc foam board advantage

- May 08, 2019-

  Pvc foam board From the structure, the bathroom cabinet can be divided into two categories: wall-mounted and floor-standing. Wall-mounted, that is, the main cabinet is completely separated from the ground and hung on the wall. Because it is separated from the ground, it can play a good role in partitioning. The main body is standing on the ground; from the material point of view, the bathroom cabinet is divided into solid wood, PVC, stainless steel and so on.

  According to reports, PVC bathroom cabinets are relatively inexpensive and the materials are waterproof. The main part of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is solid wood. On the surface of the solid wood cabinet, 7 to 10 layers of paint are generally painted, so that the surface water absorption rate is reduced to 5% or less. Therefore, the bathroom cabinet made of solid wood is not easily deformed by moisture.

  In terms of price, pvc foam board, stainless steel bathroom cabinet is relatively cheap, and solid wood is more expensive in price, the price is generally more than 1,000 yuan. Teach you how to distinguish, common bathroom cabinet plates are solid wood panels, crystal panels, aluminum composite panels, plastic panels, pvc foam panels and other materials. If the humidity of the growth environment is too high, the density of the oak will be small, the moisture will be large, the water will be easily absorbed, and it will not be hard enough, and the product will be easily deformed.

  Since there is no need to wait for the ink drying time, the production time can be greatly shortened, and the printing company can save a lot of space for storing the to-be-printed parts, which is helpful for cost saving. Because it is dry immediately after printing, it is not necessary to use dusting. In order to improve the quality problems caused by dusting, the humidity of the growing environment is too low, which will result in high density of oak, low moisture and too hard.