Pvc hard board has good chemical stability

- May 16, 2019-

  The pvc hard board is a very versatile engineering material. It has many excellent characteristics, among which one of the more significant features is good chemical stability. Pvc sheet has excellent chemical stability, and also has good aging resistance and environmental stress crack resistance. This is because the sheet made of pvc has certain flexibility and can effectively prevent cracking. Increase the service life of the product.

  The advantages of pvc hard board are many, such as very beneficial to construction. Since the pvc hard board is lighter than building materials such as steel, this characteristic determines that it is very easy to handle and connect. Therefore, the pvc hard board is easy to maintain and the construction is also very fast, which can greatly save engineering time. If the construction period is currently tight, or the external conditions of the construction are not ideal, then the pvc hard board can clearly exert its advantages.

  Since the raw material of pvc is non-polar, its chemical stability is very good. With the exception of some powerful oxidants, most common chemicals are not destructive to it. In general use, electric, acidic and alkaline substances do not harm the performance of the board, are not easy to breed bacteria and sediments, and do not reduce its freshness as the use time increases. As a new environmentally friendly material, pvc hardboard is becoming more and more popular.