Pvc hard board some problems in the installation

- May 17, 2019-

  Pvc hard board, pp plastic board is a kind of material that will be used in many projects. Today, when it is widely used, we will find in life that some pvc hard boards sometimes appear during installation or use. Some problems, this may be caused by the irregularity of our installation. There used to be such a case that pvc hard board and pp plastic board were used in buildings. During the test, the performance was very stable and normal, but after using for a period of time, some hard cracks may be generated in the place where the hard board is connected. These cracks are usually the place where the hard plates are connected.

  Through a series of on-site inspections and careful research, we found that there are different levels of stress concentration in the joints, which leads to fatigue of the materials at the joints, which will cause cracks and even breaks. So how should we solve this problem?

  The solution is relatively simple, that is, it is better to increase the compensation section every 3 meters to resist the influence of stress. After this modification, it is not easy to cause cracking.

  Such a case has also brought us some experience and lessons. We should know that in the application process of pvc hard board, we should not only fully understand the performance of the pvc, pp plastic board hard board used, but also should fully understand the construction specifications and requirements for the board, should consider the construction site. The different conditions are strictly in accordance with the construction specifications. Of course, the entire project needs to be strictly monitored to prevent external factors from affecting the performance of the pvc hard board.