The use of polycarbonate sheets in daily life

- May 27, 2019-

  With the advantages of polycarbonate sheets being recognized and accepted by everyone, polycarbonate sheets are becoming more and more widely used in daily life, and are increasingly popular among consumers in the home improvement market.

  1. Home balcony, office space, etc.; interior and exterior decoration of commercial buildings, curtain wall of modern urban buildings;

  2. Modern highways, light rail railways and urban elevated road noise barriers;

  3. Shade lighting sheds for subways, station entrances, corridors, and pedestrian walkways;

  4. Parking lots, bicycle sheds, residential dwellings and rain shelters and roof rest pavilions;

  5. Agricultural plant greenhouses, green ecological restaurants, flower markets and large exhibition greenhouses cover light;

  6. The ceiling of the pc board of office buildings, department stores, villas, schools, hospitals, entertainment centers, gymnasiums, industrial plants, warehouses and public facilities;

  7. Home garden sunshine greenhouse, agricultural greenhouse and breeding greenhouse;

  8. Telephone booths, advertising light box panels, advertising display cards, shelter light boxes, etc.;