Corrugated Board High Fire Performance

- Apr 17, 2019-

  No color difference, no discoloration, corrugated board surface adopts fluorocarbon process or pre-rolling fluorocarbon process, the coating surface has no color difference, durable and does not change color, can be exposed to sunlight for more than 20 years without fading. High fire retardant, moisture proof, anticorrosive, this board is made of all aluminum, does not contain any flammable materials, has super fire resistance and flame retardancy, and has been tested by the National Fireproof Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. GB-8624-A1. At the same time, the sheet does not absorb water, and there is no mildew or corrosion in a humid environment.

  Strengthening the strength of the ceiling panel, the aluminum corrugated core composite panel has the characteristics of high strength, good hardness and ultra-high rigidity, which is unmatched by the traditional aluminum composite panel and the aluminum single panel. High leveling and good compression resistance. The air layer in the middle of the aluminum corrugated composite panel is divided into a plurality of sealed unit chambers by the panel, the bottom plate and the water corrugated core, which greatly limits the conduction of heat and sound waves, and makes the sheet more excellent. Insulation and sound insulation properties. Lightweight and safe, the aluminum corrugated core composite panel has a small overall weight and light weight. The characteristics and application of the corrugated board are 1/5 of the same specification aluminum plate and 1/10 of the steel plate, which is safer in a wide-width design application.