Corrugated Board Is A Green Product

- Apr 16, 2019-

  Non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly corrugated board is made of all-aluminum. The high-strength alloy aluminum is used for the surface, inner plate and core. The material will not emit any harmful gas substances. It is a green product and easy to recycle and re- Utilization is the development direction of new building materials in the future. In addition to technology, the surface material of the panel can be selected between various colors, textures and materials, including imitation stone, wood grain, cloth grain and solid wood veneer.

  (1) The same type of paper is quantitatively increased, and the shrinkage rate is slightly reduced. The corrugated board qualitatively analyzes the relationship between the paper's flatness, the amount of imported kraft paper, domestic beef (faux) paper, teaboard paper, high-strength corrugated paper, water content, and shrinkage.

  (2) The steam pressure supplied by the production line is proportional to the surface temperature of the preheater. The higher the pressure. The higher the surface temperature of the preheater.

  (3) Quantify paper with high water content, preheating and drying slowly, and vice versa. The paper with different quantitative and moisture content of corrugated board is preheated and dried on a preheater with a pressure of 1.0Mpa/cm2 (172°C).

  (4) The larger the length of the heated surface (wrapped angle) of the paper on the preheater, the lower the water content. The relationship between the length of the heated surface and the moisture content after baking at a preheater temperature of 172 ° C and a production line speed of 0.83 m / s at a preheater temperature of 10%.

  (5) After preheating, the single-faced corrugated paper naturally emits water slowly, and the fan ventilates and returns to the powder quickly. Corrugated board quantitative 220g/m2 and 150g/m2 single-faced corrugated paper after preheating at 172 °C moisture content of 13%, in the greenhouse 20 ° C, humidity 65% of the environment, the natural emission of water and the fan fan ventilation speed comparison.