Polycarbonate Board Identification Method

- Apr 22, 2019-

  With the advantages of high transparency, impact resistance and UV protection of polycarbonate sheets, more and more people realize that polycarbonate sheets are used more and more widely in the fields of building materials, agriculture and municipalities. Polycarbonate is a high molecular polymer with high temperature and low temperature resistance, good daylighting, high strength, light weight and good flame retardancy. Therefore, polycarbonate sheets are widely used in greenhouses/industrial plants. , decoration, advertising signs, parking sheds, channel lighting poncho houses, commercial lighting, skylights, exhibition lighting, stadiums, swimming pools, warehouse lighting roofs, factories, stadiums, lighting awnings and sunshades, agricultural greenhouses, aquaculture and flowers Greenhouses, as well as public facilities such as telephone booths, newsstands, stations, highway soundproofing, and advertising decoration. Gallery pavilions for singular decoration and rest places in gardens and amusement parks;

  1, look at the color, usually the board is very transparent, look at the light can not see too much impurities, the color is a little bit blue (but not too blue, too blue and the board is blue) The poor plates are usually yellow, and the inner eyes can see a lot of impurities.

  2, hand rub, good quality sheet is more soft, can feel its toughness is better. If you pick it up, it's usually not very good quality. There is also a small piece of board to get up and down. Usually, the good quality board will be broken for about 10 times, and the board with quality problems will usually be broken after 5 or 6.

  3, with fire, the real PC's sheet is not easy to burn, if other materials (such as PET, PVC, etc.) are easy to burn, a lot of black smoke, smells a burning smell.