PVC Foam Sheet Processing Characteristics

- Apr 12, 2019-

  The characteristics of the processing of PVC foamed sheet are to avoid the scorching caused by the working temperature being too high, and the scrap generated after the processing can be collected and recycled to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost. When the hollow foam board is cut, one thing to note is that.

   Because the hollow spacing is 23mm, it is easy to assemble. If you don't pay attention to the cutting, most of the branches will be cut in multiple pieces at a time, which will cause the spacing to be different. You can use the tool to position the pin by means of the pin. To facilitate the processing, now we understand a little about the common knowledge of the surface processing of PVC foam sheet.

   Bending forming is only suitable for solid foamed sheets. Hollow foamed sheets are not suitable for bending. The processing method is to use upper and lower molds, apply aluminum sheets on the surface of the wood molds and heat the solid foam sheets to plasticization. The temperature between 70 and 90 ° C, and then use the upper and lower mold to directly push out the shape of the foamed board surface without any change

   When the self-adhesive PVC is manufactured by extrusion, the surface can be printed with different grain patterns according to the requirements, which can save unnecessary processing procedures. The surface of the PVC foamed sheet can be painted, and the general category can be divided into general baking varnish, piano lacquer, and ceramic baking varnish according to the processing method; anti-UV component is added to the piano lacquer processing to avoid surface color. Change is made; ceramic lacquer is used as an excellent anti-scratch on the surface hardness.