Pvc Hard Board Features

- Apr 17, 2019-

  Today, plastic products are often used in our lives as a common material, and pvc hardboard is one of them. Since pvc hard board has many benefits, I believe that the future will play an increasingly important role in our lives. The pvc hard board has the following characteristics: light weight, very uniform thickness, flat surface, good heat resistance and high mechanical strength. As a common decoration material, it also has a strong advantage compared with other materials. Compared to traditional tiles, pvc hardboards can save 75% of production materials and increase land resource utilization by 75%. Compared with traditional ceramic tiles, building ceramic plates can save 66.7 kilograms of raw materials per square meter, a reduction of about 75%. It can be said that the utilization of resources is relatively high.

  In many current industries, the application of pvc hard boards is very extensive. With the continuous improvement of the quality of pvc hard boards, its types are gradually increasing to meet more different engineering needs. Now, different pvc boards often have different characteristics. Stabilizers, lubricants and fillers are added to the PVC raw materials. After a series of production processes, the prepared sheets are overlapped and hot pressed to produce rigid pvc sheets of various thicknesses. In the current market environment, along with people's continuous improvement in the quality requirements of pvc hard boards, I believe that in the near future, we will produce a variety of pvc hard boards with more enhanced functions!