Transparent Acrylic Board Paste Method

- Apr 05, 2019-

  Transparent acrylic sheets are often used in home decoration, but many people don't know how to stick transparent acrylic sheets, so they have to pay someone to install them. In fact, it is not difficult to paste a transparent acrylic plate, as long as we learn a little, so you don't have to pay to install it.

  1. Facade bonding: There are many ways to paste transparent acrylic sheets, but the top bonding technology is the most common one. Before sticking, we need to wipe the surface to be bonded. In order to improve the quality of the bonding, we can use the master to achieve bonding, so that it will not shake. If the thickness of the transparent acrylic sheet is less than 3 mm, it can be directly bonded with a syringe using a syringe. If the thickness of the transparent acrylic sheet is more than 3 mm, it is necessary to insert a fine metal wire, and then perform the bonding by capillary action, and then the wire is extracted before the adhesive is cured.

  2. Docking: This sticking method requires two transparent acrylic plates to be placed horizontally on the operating platform, and then they are closed, but a gap of not more than 0.3 mm is required to be used for tape coating. . Next, use a syringe to inject the Kelly Bond into the gap, fill it all, and then tear it off when it is fully cured.

  3. Plane bonding: This method will be special. First, wipe the transparent acrylic sheet with the adhesive surface, then place it horizontally on the operation table, apply a proper amount of adhesive on a transparent acrylic plate, and then add another A transparent acrylic sheet is placed obliquely on the transparent acrylic sheet to which the adhesive is applied, and finally the bubbles are extruded.

  4. Bevel bonding: This method of sticking transparent acrylic sheet is to make the bonding bevel at a 90-degree angle so that the surface to be bonded will not move. When applying the adhesive, it should be slow and uniform until it is completely After curing, the mold can be removed.