Why Do Acrylic (plexiglass) Plates Have Tolerances?

- Feb 28, 2020-

Why do acrylic (plexiglass) plates have tolerances?

Acrylic cast sheet is formed by casting process; while extruded sheet is formed by mechanical extrusion, the extrusion process is like pressing a dumpling skin between two metal drums, which is relatively thick and uniform, but cannot be pressed out of a thicker board.

The tolerance is related to the production of the acrylic casting plate. Since the casting plate is an acrylic panel formed by melting the acrylic particles, the casting thickness may vary


As the thickness of acrylic products increases, the tolerances of the cast plate will become larger. The tolerance of the acrylic on the extruded plate can be controlled within ± 0.1mm. The acrylic plates have tolerances, which is related to the material.