Solid White Polycarbonate Sheet

100% virgin material from Sabic 0703R
Better with cold and cracking than acrylic.
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Product Details

White color polycarbonate sheet:


With high impact strength PC sheet,can provide the UV protected on one-side or both sides,widely used in constructions and declarations.



Standard Width(mm)


Standard Length(mm)


Resist Weather

Better ,the UV protected on one side/both sides, Semi-outdoor use

Standard Colors

Clear,Smoke ,Blue,Green,Brown,Opal 

Special Note

For large orders,color and size can be custom-made  


Greenhouse, Skylight ,Carport ,Awning Roofing.



About us: 


Jinan Spring Sign Plastics Co.,Ltd was founded in 2006 which located in the Spring City Jinan, China. We are leading manufacturer and trading combo for Polycarbonate sheet. Our company has adopted advanced German automatic production lines,  and precise quality inspection apparatus with virgin material. Until now our popular types are clear and colors solid and hollow polycarbonate sheet etc. 

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             Solid PC sheet                                                                        Hollow PC sheet


1) Roofing for greenhouse, swimming pool, shopping malls, commercial streets. 

2) Sunshade for stadiums and bus stops, gazebo, open air carport. 

3) Lighting canopy for corridors, passages and subway entries. 

4) ATM machine covers, telephone booth, gateways, garages. 

5) Sound and heat insulation wall for expressways and houses.

6) Instead of glass, decoration door, curtain wall. 

7) Soundproof material for partitions. 

8) Unbreakable material for glazing widows, roof glazing.

9) Lighting of modern villa, rain-proof lighting shed of underground garage entryway. 

10) Front wind shields of motorcycles, airplanes, trains, liners, vehicles, motorboats, submarines and riot shields.


Features :


SGS certificate: 


Packaging and shipping:

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Q1:Do polycarbonate roofs make things very hot?

A:Polycarbonate roofs do not make things very hot with energy reflective coating and excellent

insulating properties.

Q2:Do the sheets break very easily?

A:Polycarbonate sheets are extremely impact-resistant.Thanks to their temperature and weather

resistance,they have a much longer service life.

Q3:What will happen in the event of a fire?

A:Fire safety is one of polycarbonate's strong points.Polycarbonate sheeting is flame retardant

so they are often incorporated in public buildings.

Q4:Are polycarbonate sheets bad for the environment?

A:Using a very recyclable and sustainable material and 20% renewable energy,polycarbonate

sheets do not emit toxic substances during combustion.

Q5:Can I install polycarbonate sheets myself?

A:It is easy to instal with fewer cross bars and straightforward supporting structure.

Q6:How do we choose the suitable sheets for you?

A:Be free to tell us your application for more information about the sheets.

Q7:How do we control quality?

A:With our standard inspection and test status,we established a procedure to check products at

all stages of the manufacturing process-raw materials,in process materials,validated or

tested materials,finished goods,etc.

Q8:How about your package?

A:Both sides with PE films,logo can be customized Kraft paper and pallet and other

requirements are available.


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