650GSM Blue PP Hollow Board Packaging Flute

Material: PP Corrugated Sheet Size:1220x2440, 1200x2400, 1000x2000, 900x600mm Thickness:2mm-15mm Color:Black, White, Transparent, Custom Use:Vegetables box, Template, Signage, Seafood box, Layer pad, Floor Protect
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650GSM Blue PP Hollow Board Packaging Flute

PP Corrugated Plastic Sheeting are sheeting extruded from polypropylene. It is more durable than corrugated fiberboard, but lighter in weight than wood and solid PVC sheets.

Its fluted ribs support both surfaces, making it lightweight, tough and abuse resistant. It's also chemical and water resistant, making it an ideal choice for numerous commercial and industrial applications. Such as signage, automotive, construction, shelter, converting, lamination, industrial and agricultural packaging.

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