5mm 600gsm PP Corrugated Plastic Waterproof Box Price

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5mm 600gsm PP Corrugated Plastic Waterproof Box Price


•Moisture resistant and waterproof
•High impact resistance
•High strength to weight ratio
•Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
•Easy to print on
•Can be stitched, glued, ultrasonic-welded or heat sealed
•Can be die-cut, scored, creased and folded
•Does not fray
•Cost effective
•Tough, flexible and lightweight


Polypropylene plastic is made by combining propylene monomers. This thermoplastic can be used in numerous different applications, including consumer packaging material, plastic hinges, waterproofing insulation, and more.

Polypropylene plastic is considered a low-toxin, heat-tolerant material. This kind of plastic is used in a variety of applications related to human consumption, including straws, yogurt containers, bottles, and even medical devices.


•Piping systems: high purity, high rigidity, potable plumbing, hydronic heating and cooling, reclaimed water
•Living hinges
•Moldings and fittings
•Packaging and storage boxes

•Trading card protectors

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