Density Black PVC foam sheet

Black color pvc foam sheet
Lead Free PVC foam board
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Density Black PVC foam sheet

1.Common PVC board specifications

Common width of PVC board:

1220 * 2440mm, 1560 * 3050mm, 2050 * 3050mm;

Among them, 1220 * 2440mm is the most common;

Conventional thickness: ranging from 1mm to 19mm;

Common colors: white, but also colored plates.

2. High-quality sheet

Premise: under the same thickness;

Good quality PVC sheet: high strength, harder surface, not easy to bend, not easy to scratch, not easy to fall off, and not yellow after long time use.

Poor quality PVC sheet: loose texture, low hardness, uneven surface, and some cut surfaces even have bubble-like texture.

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