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Decoration Co-Extrusion PVC Foam Board Furniture PVC Rigid Sheet

PVC (17)

Having similar characteristics to; comparable density but lighter than MDF, it can be fabricated using the same techniques. 
It can be machined, saw-cut, CNC-cut, routed, profiled and edged, identically to MDF. However it’s 100% waterproof, offers zero swelling and boasts 2.5 x the screw retention,
being suitable for tough environments internally and externally.

PVC (19)

PVC Foamboard is considered to be a lifetime investment product, and as such, it is gaining popularity in international markets, including those in the US, UK, Germany, France, South Korea, Japan, India, United Arab Emirates and now, South Africa.

Fresh from production, PVC Foamboards provide a consistently smooth and bright surface.  They are lightweight, durable and provide excellent chemical resistance. In addition, the boards possess excellent thermal properties, making PVC Foamboard a versatile choice, suitable for both Interior and Exterior use.

Our product offers a new way for interior designers & manufacturers to achieve their design intent. PVC Foamboards have wide applications in shopfitting, office fit-outs, furniture, shelves, partitions, wall cladding and ceilings.  With characteristics including; sound insulation, heat insulation and being UV (and colour) stable, PVC  Foamboards are popular in various applications. The boards are certified as a “green” material and safe for health: RoHS certification, as well as E0 European certification.
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