915x1830mm Celuka PVC Foam Board

Ad-grade PVC free foamed board adopts free foamed technology, good toughness, used for screen printing, UV printing, advertising board, etc.
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Hard Surface Celukar PVC Foam Board


PVC Sheet  It features a matte finish that remains durable across indoor and outdoor applications. PVC is along with black and white and in a selection of material widths. The matte surface of PVC is perfect for painting, laminating, printing, vinyl lettering, and forming projects. Additionally,PVC can be cut, drilled, bent, or fabricated using ordinary tools and fasteners, and easily bonds with similar materials. PVC is not harmful to humans and is environmentally friendly.


• Chemical and corrosion resistant
• Uniform, fine, closed-cell structure
• Good resistance to light and weathering
• Approved for use where food is processed and sold
• Thermal and sound insulation- absorbs vibrations and oscillations
• Matte surface ready to accept most inks, paints and vinyls

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