4x8 WPC PVC Sheet

Substitute for wood,reducing denudation
20years of operating life,2-4 times longer than usual wood
Water proof WPC pvc sheet
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4x8 WPC PVC Sheet

WPC PVC sheet to replace wood for furniture:



4x8 WPC PVC Sheet


Wpc superior characteristics:

1.substitute for wood,reducing denudation;

2.20years of operating life,2-4 times longer than usual wood;

3.excellent resistance to rotting and vermin,water-proof,crack-control and pollution-proof;

4.with no natural defects from wood,such as cracking,warping,color aberration,wpc don't need regular preservation;

5.favourable quality,light density,heat-preservation,smooth surface.sergerban wpc materials don't contain formaldehyde or other harmful substances,which is totally clean and free from contamination.

6.easy to process like cutting,drilling,shaving and nailing etc.

Practical application of wpc:

1.landscape projects:outdoor flooring,garden pavilion,railing,fence,door and window,garden decoration etc.

2.public facilities:flower box,dustbinlight pole,bus station,isolation belt,celotex etc.

3.entertainment facilities:upright post,floor plank,chair etc.

4.logistic facilities:pallet,warehouse mat,packing materal etc.

5.decoration facilities:outdoor and interior decoration cover,floorboard,stair floor etc

4x8 WPC PVC Sheet

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